Tow Truck Insurance Rates – Illinois & Indiana

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  • Auto liability to cover for the damages that result from at fault accidents of the covered vehicles.
  • Garage liability to cover for damages that result from accidents not related to the covered vehicles.
  • On Hook coverage to cover vehicles in tow. This is also called Garagekeepers liability which could be provided as garagekeepers primary liability (the tow truck policy becomes the primary insurance if some thing happens to customer vehicles in tow) or garagekeepers legal liability (better form- the tow truck policy becomes is secondary insurance if some thing happens to customer vehicles in tow). Towing operations may need off hook coverage if they store towed vehicles. If the towing business works on the towed vehicles to fix them they will need to disclose that and get the full coverage of garagekeepers liability. On hook coverage is also referred to as Cargo Coverage.
  • Physical damages, or comprehensive and collision coverage on the tow trucks themselves.


Tow Truck Insurance Quotes – Illinois

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