Garage Liability Insurance for Tow Trucks in Chicago Illinois

Garage Liability Insurance for Tow Trucks

Garage liability insurance varies in its nature and coverages from business to another. The coverage codes related to types of vehicles covered is the underlining factor. For example, a garage policy for a dealer shoud cover ‘any vehicle’ while that for two truck will cover ‘non owned vehicle’. Gargae liability nsurance for towing businesses in Illinois offers protection against lawsuits brought against the business in connection with their activities in running the towing operation, other than accidents caused by their own trucks.

In other words, liability for the premises where the towing business is operating as well as liability on non-owned vehicles are typically covered under garage liability. Liability coverage for own trucks is typically covered in the main Business Auto Liability section of the policy.

Garage liability insurance for towing businesses in Illinois is mandatory by law. Normally, it comes with the same limits as auto liability. This means that $750,000 will be required for tow operations seeking Illinois Commerce Commission filing, or ICC Filing.