Liability Insurance for Tow Trucks In the Chicago , Illinois & Northwest Indiana

Liability Insurance for Tow Trucks In the Chicago Area.

Although trucks have similar underwriting guidelines, tow trucks are unique in several ways, including the fact that tow truck operators have to operate other people vehicles. The main section of the tow truck insurance policies in the Chicago Illinois area is auto liability. This is the protection you need when and if your truck causes bodily injuries or property damages to other people.

Auto liability insurance for towing businesses in Illinois is compulsory according to the State of Illinois laws. A tow truck may not be allowed by the State of Illinois to operate without proof of certificate of liability insurance. If the towing business is for hire it may have to be obtain an Illinois Commerce Commission or ICC registration, and in that case the required limit of insurance is $750,000, combined single limit.

The vast majority of tow trucks that deal with insurance companies offering roadside assistance may require $1,000,000 in liability coverage, to comply with their contracts.