Tow Truck Insurance On Hook Coverage in Chicago Illinois

Tow Truck Insurance On Hook Coverage

On hook and off hook coverages in the towing insurance business are parts of garagekeepers liability insurance. Your customer vehicles are normally covered under a coverage called (On Hook). It is a form of physical damage (Comprehensive & Collision) on your client vehicles. This coverage will pay for the repair of your clients vehicles in the even that the vehicles get accidentally damaged while in-tow (on Hook).

For towing businesses that take responsibility for towed vehicles while in a storage, off-hook coverage may be required. Limits for this coverage range from $25,000 to $100,000 per vehicle, with some deductible that you need to pay before coverage kicks in.

On Hook and Off hook insurance are offered on primary and legal liability bases. Primary is normally offered less by companies, but it provides much better coverage.

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